"Meeting you has been a joy. I look forward to following your promising career!"
Miles Kreuger, President of the Institute of the American Musical Inc., Los Angeles (2007)

"I am blown away by your documentary! It is absolutely incredible: the scholarship, the research, the filming, the editing, the focus. I had not expected such a professional piece of work!"
Marjorie Elitzer, Al Jolson's second cousin (2008)

"A most impressive team! Two young and talented artists with a dream!"
Ed Greenbaum, Int'l. Al Jolson Society (2008)

Int'l. Al Jolson Societyâ€s Presidential Award for "unselfish devotion and distinguished service in keeping the name of Al Jolson alive" (2008)

"The most interesting things happen in Kiel. Two graduate students have created the worldâ€s first feature documentary about Al Jolson!"
Hans Jürgen Wulff, Professor of Media Studies at the CAU Kiel (2009)

"Your work is an important contribution to arts and culture!"
Donnie Friedman, Int'l. Al Jolson Society (2009)

"These two German filmmakers have produced a very compelling an exhaustive study of Warner Brothers†"The Jazz Singer". Pulling together facts, archival footage, and numerous interviews, Andrea and Jens have accomplished and exhaustive review of Al Jolson's relationship to the making of the film, and they've done this in a very professional way. If you don't own a copy, run out and get one today! I've viewed it multiple times...learning a bit more with each visit."
Paul Bowers, Professor Emeritus of Visual Arts and New Media at Fredonia University (2009)

"Congratulations on all your work and your accomplishments!"
Joseph Ciolino, Professor of Musicology at New School (2009)

"You must be applauded for your efforts!"
Jan Hernstat, President of the Int'l. Al Jolson Society (2009)


Miles Kreuger, President of the Institute of the American Musical Inc. | John Korty, director | Ian Whitcomb, singer | Stephen Mo Hanan, actor and playwright | Sybil Jason, actress | Betty Garrett, actress | Larry Wilde, author | Beverly Roberts †, actress | JC Hopkins, music producer | Allan Stewart, actor and singer | Joe Franklin, TV and radio host | Miriam Nelson, dancer | Emily Mann, Artistic Director of the McCarter Theatre at Princeton University | Ulrich Mühe â€&xnbsp;, actor | Rafe Esquith, teacher and author | Marvin Paige, casting director | Richard Grudens, author | Jonathan Sonneborn, film expert | Pat Profito, actor | Wyman Brent, founder of the Jewish Library in Vilnius, Lithuania | Jonas Pikoreitis, mayor of Seredzius, Lithuania | Tony B., singer | Ben Posener, dubbing artist | Richard Halpern, singer and comedian | Hans-Werner Bussinger †, actor | Brian Gari, musician and Eddi Cantorâ€s grandson | Janet Cantor Gari, Eddi Cantorâ€s daughter | Margaret Whiting, singer | Rudy Wissler †, singer | Fred Hall, musical conductor | Aimee Jolson, actress | Douglas Galloway, journalist | Clive Baldwin, singer | Herbert Goldman, Al Jolson biographer | Jan Hernstat, President of the Int'l. Al Jolson Society | Aaron Braunstein, boxing promoter | Dr. Ernst Pfeiffer, child psychiatrist at Charité Berlin | Joseph Ciolino, Professor of Musicology at New School | Carol Muske-Dukes, Professor of Poetry at USC | Edward P. Merwin, Professor of Jewish Studies at Dickinson College | Paul Buhle, Senior Lecturer at the Department of American Civilization, Brown University | Mark Slobin, Professor for Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University | Paul Bowers, Professor Visual Arts and New Media at Fredonia University | Jack Martin, Jolson expert | Dennis Sykes, Jolson expert | David McCarthy, Jolson expert | Edward Greenbaum, Jolson expert | Marjorie Elitzer, Al Jolsonâ€s second cousin | Beth Ertz, musician and Al Jolsonâ€s third cousin | Julian Ertz, Al Jolsonâ€s second cousin | Bera Dordoni, artist and animal therapist | Tim McGraw, Aircraft mechanic | Marc I. Leavey M.D., Jolson expert | James Downs, Korean War veteran | Bruce Wexler, former President of the Int'l. Al Jolson Society | Vince Williams, Int'l. Al Jolson Society representative, Malta | Allen Davies, Int'l. Al Jolson Society representative, Australia | Tony Farnfield, Int'l. Al Jolson Society representative, England | Herman Rosenthal, WWII veteran | Bill Wirges, Korean War veteran | Ned Eastlack, WWII veteran | Don Nelsen, Korean War veteran | Prof. Sarunas Liekis, director of Vilnius Yiddish Institute at Vilnius University, Lithuania | Ruta Nonnenbroich, translator | Chaim Bargman, expert on Jewish history in Lithuania | Jon Hess, Al Jolson's second cousin | Francesca Kranzberg, Al Jolson's second cousin | Toni Ellul, Radio DJ at BRK Radio 94.5FM, Malta | Joe Massa, Radio DJ at Kottoner 98 FM, Malta | Charles Zammit, Radio DJ at Radio City 107.6 FM, Malta

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