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New short film: COVOID 2020 (GER 2020)

Planet Earth under the humans in the year 2020. The sun is not amused. The moon keeps following until the end.

From human joy and laughter to fear and death, from masses to the individual. On the way: noise, violence, environmental sins, slaughter, war, death and finally silence. Peace for the planet? From heartbeat to helicopter, from bats to suffocation - 2020 and the avoidable Covid-19 crisis.

Short film: SERENITY (GER 2016)

The film discusses the importance of succumbing to death as opposed to fighting against the inescapability and inevitability of it. The parallelization of the images presents death as something that haunts all living beings equally and exposes the subjectivity and vanity of the human concept of an assumedly different value of life between the species.

SERENITY features the poem "Fear no more the heat o' the sun" from the play "Cymbeline", Act IV. Scene 2, probably written in 1610 by William Shakespeare.

2016 marks the 10th and last year of our Al Jolson documentary adventures. For that occasion, we are starting a Youtube mini-series of 11 short episodes with behind-the-scenes material and preview footage of our upcoming film - for each year from 2006 to 2016.

Our first video will come out in May, as our very first Jolson documentary trip to the USA took place in May 2006. Little did we know that this would NOT be the only "Jolson trip", hah!
So, stay tuned!

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Join the filmmakers on their ROAD TO AL JOLSON with fascinating travels from Germany to Lithuania, Malta, England, and the USA.

Follow them on their personal journey - a story about family, identity and cultural heritage. How this relates to Al Jolson and to the making of this film is the essence of this documentary.

Estimated release date: October 6, 2021. >>Film site

Andrea Oberheiden and Jens J. Reinke


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FLAp is our film, literature and art video podcast. FLAp discusses various topics of film, literature, and art, and features interviews, film talks, and short lectures on different subjects. From time to time, we will also highlight unused material which we created as documentary filmmakers. We started our podcast with several episodes on Robin Williams, which includes an interview with Douglas Soesbe, writer of "Boulevard", Robin's last dramatic film.


This is a collaboration between Andrea Oberheiden-Brent, Nigel Dreiner, Andrew Serio and Vlad Petnicki. For each audio episode, we come together to talk about a certain topic regarding the World's Greatest Entertainer. Join our Facebook group HERE to comment and follow fascinating discussions among fans and hopefully some "newbies".

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