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Wild About Jolson Podcast

FLAp Podcast

Andrea Oberheiden and Jens J. Reinke


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We produce independent filmsradio pieces and podcasts. We also offer translation services  and create textssubtitles and transcripts. >>More...


Our two major documentary projects, "On the Road to Al Jolson" and "Wyman Brent and the Vilnius Jewish Public Library", are intimately connected with Jewish history and culture. >>More...


On our Facebook page and Twitter channel you can find the latest news regarding our filmwork, including our upcoming documentary "On the Road to Al Jolson". Watch preview clips, outtakes, trailers and unused material. Follow us on our filmmaking adventures!

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FLAp is our film, literature and art video podcast. You can find the episodes on our different social media pages as well as on our FLAp website. FLAp discusses various topics of film, literature and art and features interviews and film talks as well as commentaries regarding unused material which we created during our work as documentary filmmakers. We started our podcast with several episodes on Robin Williams in his last dramatic role in the independent film "Boulevard", which includes an interview with the film's writer Douglas Soesbe.


This is a collaboration of Andrea Oberheiden-Brent, Nigel Dreiner, Andrew Serio and Vlad Petnicki. For each audio episode we come together to talk about a certain topic regarding the world's greatest entertainer. Join our Facebook group to make comments and follow fascinating discussions among fans and hopefully some "newbies".